The Italian Shop - Spring, Summer collection 2019

Spring / Summer Collection 2019
The Italian Shop - Spring, Summer collection 2019
The colours for Spring/Summer are interesting and varied. The base colours are all shades of creams and beiges, along with rich browns such as rust, chestnut, burnt umber and russet.
Pastels are still in, but this year they are deeper, richer and more colourful.
Added to this, red, yellow in particular, but also shocking pink, turmeric and shades of violet are the daring colours for the summer.
Burano is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon and as well as being famous for its lace work, it is also known for its brightly coloured houses. You can see why, when our new range of bags arrived, we just had to call this pretty, colourful versatile bag 'Burano'. Made from the highest quality Italian leather it has a wonderful strapping system which can quickly and easily change from handbag, to shoulder bag, to rucksack. Ingenious!
The Italian Shop - Spring, Summer collection 2019
Fiorella is a pretty, and popular, girl's name in Italy and literally translates as 'little flower'. The colours of the Murano glass in this Fiorella collection represent the colours of the first little spring flowers breaking through after winter. Each cube has an insertion of gold leaf which give the glass depth and sparkle. The larger cubes of Murano glass are interspersed with tiny glass beads of varying shapes and colours in an array of blues, greens and pinks.
The Italian Shop - Spring, Summer collection 2019
Rich Pastels
The pastels for spring/summer 2019 are no longer the pale, powdery colours that are popular for baby clothes. Instead, they are richer and brighter with an earthy feel and an urban appearance. They are the perfect colour for any type of clothing and naturally dyed leather in these colours looks spectacular.
The Italian Shop - Spring, Summer collection 2019
Murano Glass Mosaic Beads
Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Red Leather, Yellow Leather, Red Leather...
If you don't feel brave enough to wear a bright red or yellow dress, then wear something in cream or soft beige and dress it up with red or yellow. Both of these colours are very fashionable for handbags this summer, particularly yellow.