Classic Necklace - Long
Olive Wood round bead necklace
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Our popular long, big bead necklace does not have a clasp as it is long enough to easily pass over your head.

It is a perfect necklace for many occasions as it looks stunning but elegant with the unusual grain of the olive wood perfectly displayed. This long, Classic Bead Necklace is easy to slip on and off and can be worn with almost any style of outfit.

There is a 2cm (0.79 inches) round bead in the centre with the rest of the beads gradually decreasing in size around to the back. The beads are all interspersed with a small, round bead giving the necklace an extra dimension.

All measurements are approximate
Total length: 80cm (31.50 inches)

This olive wood jewellery is hand made and consequently, each piece is completely unique and may vary slightly to the one represented in these photographs.